Tubby Toms:

Tom’s story is truly inspirational. A real genuine love for food and combination of passion resulted in the inception of Tubby Toms.

Humble beginnings. It all started with a single batch of BBQ sauce. Tom’s friends loved it and joked about how he should sell it. He thought it was a good idea, made up a batch, produced some product labels and took it down his local farm shop.

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As time progressed the necessity to move to a dedicated space was clear as Tom was struggling to make enough sauce. In 2018 they moved in and built a production kitchen! Family members and friends all chipped in on the DIY mission resulting in the ‘hot sauce temple’. Tom could now cook for as long as needed and store all of the ingredients.

The rest is history. Tom’s business has gone from strength to strength, now making a huge range of handmade sauces and seasonings.

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