Adlington Farm was established in 1956 by the Grandparents of Rod Adlington, whom now runs the company. Originally farming Turkeys for Christmas, the family has developed a now year-round trade for their products. Devotees of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy, Adlington source the highest quality food and bedding from their fellow local producers, including neighbouring farmers. Rod’s commitment, attention to detail and dedication to quality ensures the very best, award-winning poultry.

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Adlington and Turkey welfare. All of Adlington’s Turkeys are reared with exceptionally high welfare standards. The corn-fed Turkeys are raised by hand, using techniques that have been perfected over three generations. They have at least three times the amount of space as required by the European Economic Community. Complete traceability, unbeatable quality, stunningly succulent texture and creamy taste make an Adlington Turkey.

Adlington and the environment. Their factory has 200 solar panels which delivers all the required daytime electricity on clear summer days. All of the water used also comes from their own water filtration reed bed! These are such great examples of how Adlington are supporting sustainable British farming and the environment.

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